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Evelee Hill - Innkeeper 1995-2011


Aura Soma Lava Hot Springs came from a clear intention of mine to offer the many paradigms for healing mind, body and soul. Aura, the energy body, Soma, physical body, Lava the fire/light to transform.

Lava Hot Springs, Idaho is the perfect location in nature to serve our human needs.  My focus dwindled as gourmet coffee came forward.  Now the espresso is gone, my focus is on offering once again the "New Age" for healing mind, body and soul.  Stay in touch for our new offerings. 

In the beginning... our Labyrinth.

Now... an open invitation for guests to share experiences.  Join us in our hot springs pool, lodgings, houses, massage studio, street front deck, health classes, and spiritual cinema.  A renewed focus on sprituality, health, and joy.